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Weekend in Review-- Week 16

Sophie GayterComment

Title. Race. Over.

Best game:

Manchester United 1 Manchester City 2-- We might be hearing about this game for some time (#Milkgate), but as far as the battle on the pitch is concerned, the gulf in quality was there for all to see. City looked a classy, polished unit, whereas United looked disjointed, nervy, and inferior in almost every department. There is no doubt that City deserved all 3 points on the day, but United really didn't give a good account of themselves. 2 sloppy mistakes cost 2 goals, and they offered virtually nothing going forward. The one time they did attack with any purpose, they scored, and so even though they were beaten comprehensively by a much better side, it does beg the question as to why they didn't go for it just a little bit more.

Poor old Romelu Lukaku. He does deserves some of the criticism that has come his way in recent weeks, but a lot of it has been harsh. Yes, he was woeful in this game, but what exactly was United's game plan? They seemed to just be hoofing the ball forward at every opportunity, and hoping Lukaku could create something out of nothing. That is not and never has been his game. He thrives on service and is (usually) fairly predatory in the box. Having said that, he absolutely should've buried the chance presented to him at the end of the game, but he looks so bereft of confidence right now, that it was no surprise to see his goal bound shot cannon back off of Ederson's face. He looks a man in need of a rest, a few matches out of the spotlight, and then when he returns United need to start playing to his strengths. You would hope that Jose knew what he was buying when he splashed the cash on his #9, so it only makes sense to play in a style that gets the best out of him. Lukaku (and United as a whole) always looks more of a threat with Pogba in the side, so once his BFF is back, hopefully a couple of goals will hit him on the arse and go in, and he'll start to slowly gain back some of the confidence that has seeped out of him the last few months.

Best goal:

Jermaine Defoe--  This man has always been underrated throughout his career. He has been both a great goalscorer, and a scorer of great goals at numerous clubs, and he has continued that since he returned to Bournemouth in the summer. For this goal, the ball came over Defoe's head and he spotted a hapless Julian Speroni slightly off his line and floated a delicious first time volley over his head and into the net. Cracking finish.

Player of the weekend:

David Silva-- What a player David Silva has been for Manchester City. He is City's equivalent of Zola, Cantona, or Bergkamp-- a swaggering playmaker from the continent, who makes everyone around him a better player. His influence on this game was remarkable. He found himself in the right place at the right time for the first goal, and absolutely everything ran through him. He dictated the pace of the game, and has added a layer of tenacity and grit to his play that has maybe has not always been present in previous campaigns. Pep has taught these City players how to dig deep, and there is no better embodiment of that at present than David Silva.

Team of the weekend:


Masuaku Williams Reid Otamendi

Silva De Bruyne Mahrez

Defoe Kane Salah